Municipal District of Big Lakes The M.D. includes the unincorporated hamlets of Grouard, Enilda, Joussard, and Faust. The Towns of Swan Hills and High Prairie, the Village of Kinuso, the Gift Lake, East Prairie and Peavine Metis Settlements, and the Kapawe’no, Sucker Creek, Driftpile, and Swan River First Nations are all located within our boundaries. However they are independent bodies: each has its own council and administers its own affairs within its boundaries. The major sources of income for the municipality are property taxes, provincial government grants, and user fees for utilities and other services.

Municipal District of Woodlands Woodlands County is a thriving area located approximately 200 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. The primary industries within the region include forestry, oil and gas, and agriculture. Woodlands County encompasses a beautiful, natural landscape that is extremely appealing for the outdoor enthusiast. It is growing rapidly, and has a current population of over 4,200 people.

Town of Barrhead Barrhead… a quality community…with a quality lifestyle. Surrounded by oil, gas, forestry and a booming agricultural industry Barrhead offers many business opportunities. Our Town’s facilities and services are second to none, and our modern health care, schools and recreation venues make Barrhead a perfect place to raise your family.

Town of Swan Hills Your wilderness adventure begins here. Swan Hills is nestled among virgin boreal and sub-alpine forest; a combination made possible by the high elevation of the area, and one which provides Swan Hills with a rich legacy of rare flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the province. This legacy has been preserved at the Goose Mountain Ecological Reserve located outside the town’s boundaries.

Town of Whitecourt The snowmobile capital of Alberta. Whitecourt is a young, vibrant and thriving community with a large economic base. The main contributing industries in the area are forestry, oil & gas, and tourism. Whitecourt has a variety of recreational facilities, parks and services to cover all of your leisure needs. Whitecourt is a member of the Communities In Bloom Program which is a Canadian program that is committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of provincial and national competitions.